Handmade from the Heart

All the pieces you will find here are made in my home studio.  Each piece is shaped with grace, fluidity and love.  Each is a one-of-a-kind creation for you to enjoy.

Work In Progress

Drinking Vessels

I love the versatility of drinking vessels.  You will find many different styles and sizes as you explore.  Maybe you will find the perfect one for you!


Customer Testimonial

“#SundayMorningCoffee with my gorgeous mug from Christina Grodkiewicz 💙🧡“

-Shannon S.

Planters in Progresss

It is so rewarding to see all your work at the end of a throwing session.  It’s work well done but also means much work to come.  Finishing all this works has to be timely as the clay is starting to dry.  These will be planters with little plates to catch the excess water.    

Customer Testimonial

“Enjoying my coffee in this gorgeous mug purchased from @christina_g_clayworks I have a new favorite 🥰 #waitingforthecableguy #quarantineday?? #itistooearlyforasunday“

-Jessica S.

Use What You Love

Find the perfect vessels that bring you joy as you use them.  It will make everything better.  

Spoon Rests